"Kappy the Flying Kangaroo" is an exciting new concept in children's television. This program promises to be both entertaining and inspiring while still utilizing the basic moral values that any parent would want their young children to emulate.

"Kappy the Flying Kangaroo" was created by George H. Gisser, the father of six sons. He developed the idea of Kappy after he tired of the violence he found in children' s entertainment. Gisser had such faith in ideas and ethics embodied by Kappy and his friends that he was determined to bring Kappy to children everywhere. As a result, he teamed with Fantasimation Classic Animation Studios to bring Kappy and his "karacter" friends to life.

"Kappy the Flying Kangaroo" is an animated show designed for young school children. The appealing characters make it easy for any child to relate to their adventures. Kappy is a young kangaroo born with a tail so heavy and long that it prevents him from being able to hop. The other kangaroos laugh at Kappy, and make fun of him. As a result, Kappy has no friends, and becomes gloomy. One day, in his native Australia, he meets Candy and Kimmy, twin koala bears. They are his only friends, and the twins encourage him to have faith in himself. As it happens, Candy becomes trapped in a eucalyptus tree that catches fire. Kappy watches her plight in fear and dismay, and absently picks up his tail, nervously swinging it around. All of a sudden, Kappy's feet lift off the ground...HE CAN FLY! His tail spins furiously like the rotor on a helicopter, and Kappy can fly over to the tree to save his friend! Kappy regains his self-confidence, and turns his shortcoming into something special about himself. Now, Kappy flies all over the world and makes friends wherever he goes...friends that include Wilbur-r the Whale, Selma the Seal, and Montey the monkey, even as he maintains his friendship with the wonderful koala bears. Along the way however, Kappy meets trouble in the form of Ditto the Dodo bird. Ditto is a bird that cannot fly, and he is very jealous of Kappy! He often tries to make trouble for our hero!

The Kappy Karacters lend themselves to many varied and exciting episodes. In every show, there is an underlying theme of friendship and helping others. In one very important episode, Kappy and Wilbur-r save the whales. A special episode has Kappy even trying to help his adversary Ditto: he goes back in time to try and find another Dodo bird egg for Ditto! Other shows concentrate more on learning new and exciting things: Just as Kappy learned he can fly by trying something new, he also learns how a computer works, about geography, and the importance of being environmentally conscious. Our shows help children to explore!

The Kappy series uses these appealing characters as well as fast action and bright colors to attract and hold the attention of young children. The series will be used to teach the letters of the alphabet and learning reading and language skills.

Also incorporated in the shows is music. Kappy loves to play the guitar, and sings simple songs that youngsters will be able to learn and sing along with. Parents will love the educational, as well as the upstanding values that Kappy and his friends live by.